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Making the move from NHS to private dentistry is a big decision. We have the experience and knowledge to help you evaluate your options and support you through this exciting period of change.

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81% of NHS dentists are unhappy/very unhappy with the level of care they can provide to patients

Well you’re not alone. The NHS Confidence Monitor is a survey that provides a regular snapshot of the general consensus within the dental profession, with the latest edition focusing on happiness levels of private and NHS dentists. 

The responses from more than 400 dentists revealed those in the NHS are far less happy than those in private practice.

Learn more and read professional opinions from ground-level dentists and key opinion leaders or read on to evaluate your options...

Unhappy with your current situation?

92% of private dentists are happier/much happier with the level of care they can provide to patients, compared to when working in the NHS

A better work/life balance

Organise your working week so that you are in tune with your life and family outside of the dental practice, without a compromise on earnings or happiness.

Taking control...

of your business and making decisions unencumbered by contractual obligations or income limitations.

Less bureaucracy and administration 

Freeing you and your team up to develop your skills and focus on more profitable and beneficial areas of business, such as exploring a wider range of treatments.

Practice Plan continuously provide me with the support I need to run my practice the way I want. They have helped me transform my working life” 

Your prices

In private practice you can take into consideration the clinical hours you want to work and financial requirements of your practice enabling you to cost everything correctly. 

The positives of private practice

Greater satisfaction

You will have the ability to allocate your time with your patients enabling you to deliver the care your patients want and deserve as well as the ability to explore treatment desires.

Simon Thackeray Thackeray Dental Care

What do you need to consider when thinking of moving to private dentistry?

This free guide explains.

Why introduce a membership plan?

For patients

Zoe Sharp : Alexandra Dental Care

“We soon realised that a patient membership plan with Practice Plan could help us maintain the regularity of our income

Provides members with peace of mind at home or abroad via included insurance

For you and your practice

Enables members-only access to exclusive practice-set discounts and treatments


A regular source of monthly income

Stable cash flow and predictable revenue which helps to generate a higher goodwill value

Supports prevention as patients are more likely to attend dental health checks and hygiene visits

Supports regular patient attendance

Promotes greater patient loyalty via a practice-branded plan

Improves patient's dental, and overall, health as potential issues are spotted earlier

Build interest in other treatments as patients on a plan often opt for more elective treatments

Spreads the cost of routine preventive dental care through an easy and affordable monthly Direct Debit

The skills, experience and expertise to deal with any NHS conversion

Our Regional Support Managers (RSMs) are highly experienced when it comes to supporting a practice like yours to evaluate your options away from the NHS. The team have been in the dental industry for many years and most have worked in a dental practice environment, so they understand the issues and challenges you face. 

You will experience approachable, forward-thinking and honest support to help you develop an in-depth understanding of what options are open to you and the pros and cons for making a move to private dentistry.

And, of course, if the move is right for you, your RSM will be on hand to help you and your team prepare for the change. They will be with you and your team every step of the way so that your practice experiences a successful and stress-free conversion.  



We'll support you every step of the way

A proven process backed by an experienced team and wealth of support.

Communication plans for your team and patients


A full financial analysis 


Don't worry, we understand each practice is different. That's why you will find that we will insist on a no-obligation review of your practice to ensure that a move away from the NHS is right for you. If it isn't, we won't hesitate in advising you against the move.

An in-depth viability review of your practice

Specialist customer service support and progress monitoring



In-practice support, training and practice-branded marketing materials

Ongoing private practice support and guidance



“By exploring our options out of the NHS with Practice Plan we felt we were in safe hands. They were brilliant, really taking the time to listen to our situation and what we wanted to achieve. Once we made the decision to leave, the Practice Plan team were with us every step of the way and supported us at our own pace. It has definitely been worthwhile!”

Zoe Sharp

Practice Manager : Alexandra Dental Care


How we moved to private practice

John Whittaker : Whittaker Dental Practice

The first step...

“It was a relief to have someone to help me explore my options, understand what I could expect and chat through my personal concerns and how I could manage them”

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